Welcome to LoveFirst Coast

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Does this describe you?

You’ve been following Jesus, and now you find yourself longing for God’s kingdom to come and God’s will to be done here as it is in heaven.

You are having hopes, dreams and visions.  Your holy imagination has been active!

You want to be a part of God’s activity in the world. You want to see love extended, hearts restored, relationships healed, mercy on display, justice unfolding, and people walking humbly with God!

You want to be a part of God’s mission, not passively, but intentionally!

Is that you?

We are here to help! We don’t have much by the world’s standards, but we have we’d be happy to give you. We can pray for you. We can help you discern what God’s calling you into. We can pass on what we’ve been learning. We can encourage you. We can “spur you on to love and good deeds.” (Hebrews 10:24-25)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s hard to be on mission alone. So don’t be. God didn’t intend that for you anyway.

So how’s it going? When you talked about it with family, friends, or at church, did it start to get hard?

Did it seem like they just didn’t get it?  Did they suggest you help out around the church instead? Did they encourage you to focus on your family, or your job, or say something like “maybe you should consider seminary”?  Or worse, did they just smile and lovingly suggest you’re getting too religious for your own good?

But the trouble is, the beautiful thing God has been stirring in your heart won’t go away. 

That may be because God is keeping it there, because God has something he wants to do in you and through you.  It’s a God given dream you have and God is inviting you into it.

It’s for people like you: that’s one reason we’re here.  We want to help you discern what God is inviting you into. We want to help you become equipped for it. We want to see you released into your place in his mission.  We are a small church of people who encourage one another while doing life on mission.  We invite, encourage, and equip one another for life on mission. We focus on the First Coast of Florida.  And we are delighted to pass on what we’ve been learning. 

Last thing: if your family and friends are supportive, invite them to join you on mission. Maybe you could even form a church like ours! If your church will help you live into your part of the mission, stay with them and look for partners. But if not, we’d be honored to do what we can to help you, because we believe that if God is calling you into his mission, what he’s calling you into is very important!

Here are a few steps you can take now. Leave a comment below and we’ll start praying for you. Take some time and keep praying. Explore this web-site. Send an email or text to one of our pastors: Jesse Alexander (904-599-2889 – pastorjessealexander@gmail.com) or Sara Taber (904-422-7968 smtaber21@yahoo.com). We’ll try to follow up!

1 Response to Welcome to LoveFirst Coast

  1. Samuel Geisser says:

    Hi, my name is Sam Geisser. My wife and I are part of a small mission all community here in Bozeman, MT. We have felt called to ‘go’ for sometime now and Florida has been on our hearts. I came across your page (which is packed with good stuff by the way) and I was wondering which part of the state you’re located in? Thanks for doing what you do to live out the kingdom intentionally!


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