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Spiritual Growth and the Discipleship Square

How do people grow spiritually?  That’s been a serious question for me for a number of years.  Willow Creek released several books based on the REVEAL survey taken by something like 400,000 people in churches.  It (ahem) revealed that many, … Continue reading

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One Simple Way Prayer Is Making a Difference

Prayer changes things.  I am not going to get very theological or psychological in this post (writings on prayer often do).  I just want to offer a very simple testimony. I’m doing a lot of “contact work” these days.  Contact … Continue reading

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A Very Short Catechism on Disciples and the Church

1) What did Jesus tell his disciples to do?  Make disciples. 2) What is a disciple of Jesus?  A disciple is someone learning to live life Jesus’ way. 3) What happens if a church starts a program to make disciples?  You may or … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Article on Missional Communities

Wikipedia has written a nice article on missional communities, and it is clearly written from a 3dm perspective.  It may be a good place to point people who are trying to get a sense of what is meant by “missional … Continue reading

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