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Healthy Faith: 5 Reasons to Add Going Out to Discipleship

Yesterday, the Fellowship of Believers micro-church had a great time going Out and helping Open Doors put on a Fall Festival.  (Thanks Maria!)  Reflecting on it, one phrase came to mind: “This was good for the soul.”  That got me thinking: … Continue reading

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Missional Dog: Duncan’s Bus Stop Ministry

I like to take Duncan to the bus stop.  I call it, “Duncan’s bus stop ministry.”  He’s a missional dog.  Seriously. It started a few years ago when my kids were still in elementary school.  I’d walk with them to the … Continue reading

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This Week at Embraced By Grace

Embraced by Grace is a worship and teaching ministry of First Coast Missional Communities. This Saturday night at Embraced by Grace, we’ll be looking at the life of Joseph as we study what it means to be a citizen in God’s … Continue reading

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One Idea on the Art of Neighboring

One of my mentors, Wayne Bauer, gave me a book a few weeks ago called The Art of Neighboring.    (You can learn more here.) I want to share one idea that made me think and reflect.   A group of pastors … Continue reading

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Happening Tonight

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Huge Baby Steps

So, last week some of the people I am working with decided to do something on their own. This is very exciting.  You may not think it’s all that much after you read it.  You may think it’s a little thing.  If you … Continue reading

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FCMC Worship Gatherings Move To Saturday Nights

FCMC is really excited to let you know that beginning next Saturday, October 11, FCMC will begin gathering weekly to worship at 6:30pm.  We are calling this new worship ministry “Embraced by Grace” where we will have the opportunity to respond to what … Continue reading

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