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Loving Consumers of Religious Goods and Services

“By this they will know you are my disciples, by your love for one another.” -Jesus, John 13:35 A few days ago at the gym, my friend “Joe” introduced me to “Tom” (not their real names).  Tom and Joe both attend a large church nearby.  Later, … Continue reading

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Missional Leadership Micro-Post

Gotta talk with your people. Gotta talk with God about your people. Because in a curious turn of events, they have elected to be with you Because God helped them see what He was doing in, around, and through you. And … Continue reading

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Five Fold Ministry – APEST

Originally posted on Learning and Launching a Missional Community:
Do you know who you have in your MC, church, or ministry?  You have been given gifts from God – and those gifts are the people who are with you.  Starting…

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Ask It! The Haunting/Clarifying Discipleship Question

There’s a question than haunts me and drives me in ministry. “If all the Christians in the world were killed and none were left but those in your church, would they be equipped to start the Christian movement all over … Continue reading

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A Simple Way To Boost Church Planting

The other day at Starbucks, I bumped into Jeremy.  He’s preparing for ministry in college with an eye toward church planting.   He’s a the son of a two church planting co-pastors.  He’s got incredible gifts for leadership.  He’s majoring in Religious Studies and plans to … Continue reading

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This Week at First Coast Missional Communities

We are looking forward to several things in the New Year. I wanted to let you know what is happening this week. Monday – The 210MC is helping out with Young Lives Wednesday – Fellowship of Believers and the 210MC … Continue reading

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