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Dealing with Disappointment

I will forever be grateful for Nicky Gumble’s line in Alpha Leader Training: “Alpha is probably the most disappointing thing you’ll ever do.” It was strangely encouraging and helped me and others persevere through leading the Alpha Course.  When few … Continue reading

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Worship Gathering May 20

Anyone who’s been a part of a ministry has probably had the experience of working hard and getting limited results.  I’ve long since lost count of being a part of strategy meetings, planning sessions, and lets-just-pray-harder-and-try-harder-next-time-and-see-what-happens conversations.  I wonder how … Continue reading

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Worship Gathering May 6

Maybe you are called to fly. Or maybe it’s something a little more… “down to earth”. Or maybe you just wish you knew what your calling was and you just aren’t sure.  It seems very important.  You don’t want to … Continue reading

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