About LoveFirst Coast


LFC HEART LOGOAs one of the churches on the First Coast, we want to be a part of God’s mission here by learning to imitate Christ while helping others do the same until the Church of Jesus prevails and God’s Kingdom is revealed in every square inch of our city.

LoveFirst Coast/First Coast Missional Communities is a non-traditional, non-denominational church. We are small community following Jesus together.  We act very much like an extended family and we love welcoming new family members.  We encourage and challenge one another to follow Jesus and serve him where he leads us in life, work, and in our networks of relationships.  We help people discover ways to follow Jesus wherever they are, to live life on mission.  Together, we help couples discover what it looks like to be a couple on mission, we help families learn what it looks like to be a family on mission by developing sustainable rhythms for life.

We believe that the best life any human being could lead is one patterned after the life-style of Jesus.  Therefor, we work at helping people to live “Up”- developing a closer relationship with God; “In” – building relationships and investing in others so that we can help one another follow Jesus; and “Out” – addressing and meeting the world’s great needs with the love, grace, and power of God.  To do this we will work to develop leadership for missional communities, strive to build healthy missional communities, and gather for worship to celebrate what God is doing among us and on the First Coast of Florida.

We affirm the core, traditional Christian beliefs.

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