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Praying for Courage and Eyes

Today at work, I had a little time to listen a *conversation on discipleship.  They covered a lot of ground, but two things struck me.  First was the reminder to gather with others to pray specifically for courage to be … Continue reading

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Unity Day in Saint Augustine.

Next Saturday, August 24, one of our friends, Rick Smith, is a part of hosting Unity Day in Saint Augustine from 8am to 5pm.  It will be held at 10 North Holmes Blvd.  I and some friends are planning to … Continue reading

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Remember who you are!

I haven’t been to see the live action Lion King yet, but the original came out when our kids were small.  I’ve probably seen it 100 times.  Spoiler alert here, if you missed it, but a crucial moment in the … Continue reading

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Eat with, Encourage, and Pray for…One Another

You can’t do “one-another” things by yourself. Have you ever noticed how many “one another” passages there are in the Bible?  Based on a quick google search, quite a few people have noticed because quite a few lists came up.  … Continue reading

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Fasting and Praying for the First Coast

  I want to invite you to fast and pray with me. Earlier this week, I was speaking with Heather about the early vision for the work that has become LoveFirst Coast.  It was seven years ago and I had … Continue reading

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Sustaining Joy and Hope

At the root of joy and hope is revisiting the only true source for our security and significance. Continue reading

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Demonstrating Hope

Wherever you go, God is sending you! 1) June 2019 is just about to slip into history… I want to offer a brief word of encouragement.  This morning, I was thinking about how tempting it is to use all our … Continue reading

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