Make a Donation to First Coast Missional Communities


Thank you for your support of LoveFirst Coast/ First Coast Missional Communities.  We can’t do this without you and we know you could give anywhere, so we are very honored you would consider giving to God’s work in this ministry.

You can give to LoveFirst Coast three ways:

1) You can drop an offering in a donation basket at one of our worship gatherings. 

2) You mail a check payable to LoveFirst Coast  (or FCMC), 252 Bridgeport Lane, Elkton, FL 32033.  

3) You can send us money through your bill-payer to the address above.  Use the phone number 904-826-1530.

What are our financial goals for 2018?

This year, we want to join God all the more in the work He’s doing on the First Coast.    We have very little overhead due to our light-weight, low maintenance approach to ministry and thanks to mission partners like Faith Community Church who very generously allow us to use their facilities for our worship gatherings.  Our budget for 2017 is about $30,000.   A little more than a third of that ($13,200) covers the pastor’s contract.  We’ve budgeted less than $500 for administration.   We hope to use the rest is used to support mission partners, send people into mission, or for training and development for missional living.  We love being generous!

You are welcome to take part.