Missional Life

LFC Banner 2019God has a mission on the First Coast!  It is a privilege to be invited into that.  One of the cool things about LoveFirst Coast: we help one another see what God is doing so we can join in AND we are about making sure everyone is equipped and prepared to do so. We believe that’s what Jesus did with his disciples so we do the same.  As a result, many of us can tell you about the ways we’ve been able to bless and serve friends and neighbors.  We call this “organic mission”, or missional living.

We also support and serve in “organized mission” too.  Our approach is to engage in mission prayerfully and in a way that is primarily hands-on and face-to-face.  We are willing to serve in anyway we are needed.  And we try to focus our efforts, so we serve in a few places rather than all over.  As a result of that focused approach, it seems that God works in us more deeply.  Click on any of the links below to learn more about some of the groups we love and serve.  (Not all have websites.)

Additionally, one of our values is to serve and bless other area churches.  (This is partly because we’ve experienced pain in churches.  Serving with love in similar places keeps us from growing bitter about God’s work in local churches.)  Some of us regularly take part in the ministries of