About Jesse Alexander

Jesse and David

So David, Let me tell you about Jesus!

My background: I am a Presbyterian preacher’s kid and a child of the church.   I don’t remember when I decided to follow Jesus – but I do remember that the Christian faith seemed like a heavy burden loaded with disappointments.  That began to change when I met some joyful Christians who helped me understand that Jesus Christ was pursuing a relationship with me. And it became even more clear during a week at a Young Life camp called Windy Gap.  After that, I wanted others to know that joy.   I started serving in youth ministry just a couple of years later while earning an engineering degree at Auburn University (War Eagle!) and later during an eight year career designing cool stuff for Navy Divers in Panama City.

I was ordained as an Presbyterian Elder at Grace Presbyterian Church in Panama City in 1993 and, after earning an MDiv at Austin Seminary, as a Teaching Elder (which allowed me to serve as a pastor) in 2000.  I have led two 200 member congregations prior to launching First Coast Missional Communities.  It was in these local church that I developed a passion for discipleship and mission – and for that I am grateful.  And that’s why I’m giving my life to helping people discover the joy of  living in community, on mission, surrendering deeply to Jesus Christ.

2 Responses to About Jesse Alexander

  1. Albert Lawrence says:

    Jesse – I am a member at FPC. Thank you for your sermon this morning. Would you please either email me the portion of your benediction that you gave prior to the one from Numbers or provide me the reference?

    Albert Lawrence


    • Pastor Jesse says:

      Hi Albert,

      The benediction I gave yesterday is a modified version of the “Halverson Benediction”, named for Dick Halverson who wrote it and used it for many years. I learned about it from Stan Ott, who leads the Acts 16:5 Initiative. I started using it a number of years ago. It captures the sense of being sent and also brings a reminder of redemption to difficult circumstances. Thanks for asking about it.

      It usually goes something like this.

      “You go no where by accident. Wherever you go, God is sending you. Wherever you are, God has a purpose for your being there. Christ, who lives in you by the power of the Holy Spirit, has something he desires to do in you and through you wherever you find yourself. I encourage you to believe this, and go in His grace, strength, and power.”


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