Resources Behind These Tools.

Let’s be clear up front: We commend buying them, reading them, and thinking about what you find there, all with a lot of prayer.  The resources mentioned below offer much more insight into using life-shapes for discipleship than the summaries you will find on this web site.   So if you are able, pick up these resources and start working through them.

These are the Primary Resources:

  1. Building a Discipling Culture, 2011, by Mike Breen, available at
  2. Healing, by Fancis McNutt, 1999, Available from
  3. The Huddle Leaders Guide, 2012, by Mike Breen, available at
  4. Experiencing God, Revised and Expanded, 2009, by Henry Blackaby and Claud King, available at Lifeway.Com

Complementary Curriculums. If you want to do Bible studies that resonate with the discipleship principles you find here, we highly recommend these.

  1. Just Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybles. Available at or
  2. Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Henry Blackaby and Claude King, available at Lifeway Christian Stores.
  3. The Art of Neighboring, Jay Pathek and Dave Runyon, 2014. Available at or
  4. Surprise the World, Michael Frost, 2015, Available at
  5. E100 Reading Guide and related resources are available from
  6. The Alpha Course by Holy Trinity Brompton (Nicky Gumbel) available from

Recommended for further reading.

Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis

The Rest of God, 2007 by Mark Buchannan

Who Is This Man, 2012 by John Ortberg

Covenant and Kingdom, 2013, by Mike Breen.

Questions of Life: A Practical Introduction to the Christian Faith, 1998, by Nicky Gumbel

Water from a Deep Well, 2007 by Jerry Sitser

Let Jesus Heal Your Hidden Wounds, 2001 Brad Long and Cindy Strickler

Growing Your Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit, 2009 Brad Long, Cindy Strickler, and Paul Stokes


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