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Seem like hell out there? Let’s gather for worship – because mission matters!

This captures my imagination: Jesus once said that the gates of hell would not prevail against his church.  Wow!  And the church is on the move!  But what is this church Jesus speaks of?  What is it’s clearest, simplest form?  … Continue reading

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Because Staying On Mission Is Hard

Staying on mission is hard.  It’s harder when you fell like you are doing it alone.  But God has invited you into his work, into his mission!  How do you stay in the game?  And how do you get started … Continue reading

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The Kingdom Is in Your Midst – FCMC Update

1) To some people who were missing the point, Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is in your midst…” (Luke 17:21).  We don’t want to miss the point.  God is at work all around us.  God’s Kingdom is growing in … Continue reading

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Why I Started This Church.

One day, a woman came to see me to seek some help from her pastor.  After a few minutes, she made a request.  “I’ve been attending some of Heather’s Bible Studies, and it’s been really good.”  (That sounded like a … Continue reading

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Our Story, So Far

Updated this for our meeting tonight…  Thought I’d share the story of FCMC! Our Story (so far).   In the Spring of 2013, God pulled together about twenty people from five different churches.  We had a number of things in common.  Many of … Continue reading

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Worship Gathering, Praises, and Prayer Requests

1)  Our Worship Celebration Gathering is this Saturday night at 6:30 in the St. Johns Room of Faith Community Church (3450 CR210, 32259.)  We’ll be focusing on God’s Word in in our heart can help us with Up-In-Out living!  If … Continue reading

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Three Great Questions – Missional Micropost.

II Corinthians 1:3-7 talks about “comforting others with the comfort with which we’ve been comforted.”  Praying over that passage and looking at it through the lens of discipleship led me to three really good questions.  I had the privilege of asking these … Continue reading

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Improving the Neighborhood Food Drive

Last week (Thanksgiving week), the Fellowship of Believers completed our second food drive.   Our purposes are to serve our city and be a blessing in our neighborhoods. In terms of serving our city, we collected about twenty-five bags of food.  And … Continue reading

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Healthy Faith: 5 Reasons to Add Going Out to Discipleship

Yesterday, the Fellowship of Believers micro-church had a great time going Out and helping Open Doors put on a Fall Festival.  (Thanks Maria!)  Reflecting on it, one phrase came to mind: “This was good for the soul.”  That got me thinking: … Continue reading

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This Week at Embraced By Grace

Embraced by Grace is a worship and teaching ministry of First Coast Missional Communities. This Saturday night at Embraced by Grace, we’ll be looking at the life of Joseph as we study what it means to be a citizen in God’s … Continue reading

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