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Knowledge, Love, and Action!

Jesus not only brings us into a relationship with himself, he invites us to represent him.  How’s that going where you are? Sometimes, the problem is not what we know or don’t know – it’s what we do (or don’t do.)  … Continue reading

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Break the Chains of Discouragement

Happy Mother’s Day! One of the biggest challenges I face for staying on mission is overcoming discouragement.  (And you probably know moms face discouragement on the all-important mission of raising kids!)  What about you? Do you ever face discouraging voices … Continue reading

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Socially Distanced Cul De Sac Worship

So Corona has kind of changed everything – right?  But we are persevering and I hope you are, too.  Later tonight, we have an on-line gathering for prayer and to encourage one another for missional living.  It’s not the same … Continue reading

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LFC Update

There’s too much too report! But we’re having a gathering on Zoom Sunday night to talk about a rhythm for the season ahead and to pray.  If you’d like to be a part of that, email me at pastorjessealexander@gmail.com.  If … Continue reading

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Prayer and Fasting to Start the Year

Upcoming dates: January 6: Day of Prayer and Fasting January 12 – 6pm: Worship Gathering January 12: 1st day of the 40 Day Prayer Challenge January 26 – 10am: Worship Gathering February 7-8 – Underground Open – Tampa, FL February … Continue reading

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The Grace of the Pivot

So, when we fail, rather than freezing or going back to old ideas, we can pivot to something better by putting the responsibility for the mission’s success back on God.  Don’t just freeze. Turn.  Go back to God and ask him what his mission is for this place, people, and time. Continue reading

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Dec 8 Worship Gathering

Jesus invites people into his mission. That’s pretty astonishing when you think about it.  Jesus, who is the one through whom and for whom all things were made who is at work addressing every evil, reversing every curse, and making … Continue reading

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Failing To Understand Success

“Yeah, my friends sounded enthusiastic at first, but then they just kind of blew me off when I tried to get together.  Some of them don’t even talk to me anymore.” “We’ve met a bunch of neighbors and see them … Continue reading

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Upcoming Events

What’s happening on the First Coast with LoveFirst Coast! Continue reading

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Hurricane Relief and Recovery 101

(Next LFC gathering: 6:00 to 8:00pm at Plantation Park- 875 Davis Pond Blvd, 32259 – on Sunday, September 8.  We’ve reserved the pavilion.  Bring some picnic for yourself and some to share.  Bring your own wisdom about the best ways … Continue reading

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