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Light-Weight, Low-Maintenance, and Life!

So, we had a retreat this past weekend.  And it was wonderful.  People encountered the Lord.  Friendships were formed and deepened.  We felt like a family.  The food was outstanding.  The facilities were comfortable.  The weather was cool, but clear … Continue reading

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New Year’s Prayer Requests

(Next worship service: January 9 at FCC: 3450 CR210, 32259) It is almost the New Year, and I know a number of you have a discipline of praying at the beginning of the New Year.  The Lord has been doing … Continue reading

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Transformation, Intention, and Initiative

  (Our next worship service is Saturday, December 12 at 6:30pm in the St. Johns Room at Faith Community Church, 3450 CR210, 32259) It’s the season of Advent, and yesterday, my wife demonstrated amazing intentional initiative.  She retrieved boxes of Christmas … Continue reading

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Loving Consumers of Religious Goods and Services

“By this they will know you are my disciples, by your love for one another.” -Jesus, John 13:35 A few days ago at the gym, my friend “Joe” introduced me to “Tom” (not their real names).  Tom and Joe both attend a large church nearby.  Later, … Continue reading

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Improving the Neighborhood Food Drive

Last week (Thanksgiving week), the Fellowship of Believers completed our second food drive.   Our purposes are to serve our city and be a blessing in our neighborhoods. In terms of serving our city, we collected about twenty-five bags of food.  And … Continue reading

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Healthy Faith: 5 Reasons to Add Going Out to Discipleship

Yesterday, the Fellowship of Believers micro-church had a great time going Out and helping Open Doors put on a Fall Festival.  (Thanks Maria!)  Reflecting on it, one phrase came to mind: “This was good for the soul.”  That got me thinking: … Continue reading

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Mission Minded

“Peace be with you.  As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.”  John 20:21 In the church of my childhood, we had an annual missions conference.  It was one of the cool things we did in the … Continue reading

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