We Do Three Things

We do three things:

  1. We work at launching healthy missional communities (aka micro-churches or MCs).
  2. We develop leadership for MCs in discipleship huddles.
  3. We gather for worship.
  4. We teach tools for discipleship that can be passed on to others.

Okay, so we really do four things.

We tend to do that last one while we are doing the other three.  And, I should add that we also handle administration (finances, taxes, employees, etc.) so that our MCs don’t have to.  But our ministry activities happen in MCs, discipleship huddles, and worship gatherings.

At a simple level, discipleship is about helping someone learn to live like Jesus Christ.  Jesus led a three dimensional life: Up, cultivating a close relationship with the Father; In, building close relationships with his disciples; and Out, going into the world meeting the needs there with grace, love, and God’s power.

In MCs, we provide the environment for people to intentionally practice living like Jesus (Up, In, and Out) with a group.  Therefore, we structure and shape these micro-church gatherings so that they help people experience “living life like Jesus” in a group that is “big enough to dare, but small enough to care.”  At the same time, we ask God to help us identify new leaders for MCs.

Discipleship Huddles:  Jesus taught his disciples to live the way he did, and he commissioned them to make disciples.  While many people have responded to the calling to follow Jesus, only a few of us have actually been discipled.  Fewer still know how to disciple another.  We equip the leaders of the MCs with a set of tools for their own discipleship that they can then pass onto others.

Worship: God is good and worthy of praise.  We invite the MCs together for worship once a month (on Second Sundays).  We celebrate what God is doing on the First Coast.  Our worship services provide motivation, inspiration, encouragement, and deeper teaching.

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