Welcome to First Coast Missional Communities.



Thanks for taking time to learn more.   We believe God delights to do extraordinary things through ordinary people surrendered to him – and we want to see God do extraordinary things to renew our city and revive churches.

This is how we do it!   As ordinary people, we don’t believe we can improve on what Jesus did.  So we look at how Jesus did things.  We examine the New Testament and try to organize ourselves for ministry like Jesus did.  So we try to live like Jesus in terms of community, discipleship, mission, and worship.

Community: We see Jesus gathering a group around him that became like an extended family.  We organize ourselves into missional communities, which are lot like micro-churches – light-weight, low-maintenance, and small (less than 30 people).

Discipleship:  We see Jesus teaching (or discipling) those in his community with his life. He didn’t just give them words to live by, he modeled that life for them, showing them how to live that way.   A disciple of Jesus is someone learning to imitate Jesus.   After he’d spent time with them, he sent them out to teach and show others the way, who could then show others, etc.  So we are intentional about discipleship – motivating and equipping one another to be disciples who can help others be disciples.

Mission: We see Jesus going out with his disciples in mission, meeting the world’s needs with God’s love, grace, and power.  So we are intentional about going out together in mission in ways that keep us dependent on God. (You won’t find us simply throwing money at a problem or telling people to vote in politicians who say they’ll fix it.)

Worship: Jesus helped his disciples worship “in spirit and in truth,” and his earliest followers developed a habit of worshiping in homes and then meeting together in larger groups for worship in the temple.  We gather twice a month to worship – sometimes in homes, sometimes in borrowed space shared by a local church.

So we may not be like the traditional churches you are familiar with – but we are trying our best to be like the New Testament church  – which was a bunch of ordinary people through whom God changed the world.

If you have more questions, our pastor, Jesse Alexander (pastorjessealexander@gmail.com), can walk you through all the basics.  But the best way to dig deeper is to spend time with us — that’s where you learn about these ideas and work them out in real life.

1 Response to Welcome to First Coast Missional Communities.

  1. Samuel Geisser says:

    Hi, my name is Sam Geisser. My wife and I are part of a small mission all community here in Bozeman, MT. We have felt called to ‘go’ for sometime now and Florida has been on our hearts. I came across your page (which is packed with good stuff by the way) and I was wondering which part of the state you’re located in? Thanks for doing what you do to live out the kingdom intentionally!


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