“What If I Already Have a Church?”

But what if I’m already in a church? We are finding that people with church homes are interested in discipleship and missional commuities (aka microchurches).   And yes, you can be in one of our missional communities and maintain your connection to another church.  We’re very okay with that.  We believe that may be one way God brings revival to churches in our area.  But MCs require time, energy and commitment.  To really benefit, we believe that people need to be in MCs for at least one year.  People who try to be fully involved and committed in a program oriented church AND be fully involved in a missional community will probably grow weary, burn out, and miss out.

If you want to try MC life and stay in a church, we recommend setting up a meeting with your pastor to say, “I’ll be busy for the next year experiencing a missional community.  I’ll come back having learned and experienced a lot about discipleship and mission.  I’ll come back here with things to pass on.  But in the mean time, I’ll continue to support the church financially and will be in worship here most Sundays.  However, I won’t be free to serve on committees, support fundraisers, teach classes, or help with programs, etc, for about a year.”

If your pastor has much sense (and most do), he or she will bless you on your way and work with you when you return.  If your pastor has additional concerns, our pastor Jesse Alexander, would be happy to talk those over.

To get the most out of a missional community, we ask people to be open to God’s work in their own hearts, to be serious about engaging in MC life, and  to join in the worship celebration on the Second Sunday of each month.

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